Work Injury Physiotherapy Management

Healing Back to Normal With Worksafe

Managing workplace injury is a complex process with multiple stakeholders and variables. It includes finding effective solution to your problem, working with your caregivers and doctors, connect with your insurance provider and work hand-in-hand with your employer.

At Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, we do it all.

Worksafe and Work Injury Physiotherapy Management?

In the treatment of work injuries, physiotherapy has been firmly established as a tried and effective treatment. Under the Federal Worksafe scheme, a worker is entitled to physiotherapy treatment after getting injured at work or suffering from a work-related injury.

Work Injury Physiotherapy Management offered up by Above and Beyond Physiotherapy falls under the guidelines of the Worksafe scheme. For every patient, the goal is to optimize the function of the muscles, ligaments, discs, meniscus, nerves and bones to get back to their place of work as quickly as possible.

Work Injury Physiotherapy Management at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy?

At Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, we use an evidence-backed approach undertaken by experienced staff. They adopt a customized approach that depends on the type of injury, impact of the injury, patient’s work profile, and other such factors.

We actively treat the patient while empowering them to manage their own injury. With our treatment, you will be on a path to rebuilding your confidence and functional freedom.

We provide physiotherapy services registered under Worksafe so that the program will bear the cost of all the services.

How Experts at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Make it Better?

When you come under the care of Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, you will be under the supervision of some of the best physiotherapists in the country. They are experienced in treating various work injuries, including sprains, disc bulges, bursitis, meniscal tears, muscle tears, post-surgery management, spinal cord injuries, fractures, brain injury, and more.

As the treatment progresses, you will feel a transformation in your physical mobility and mental agility.

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