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Take Charge of Your Pelvic Floor Health Before It’s Too Late

Continence, constipation, pelvic pain, inflexibility in the pelvis, and other related symptoms can be a source of embarrassment for many women. These conditions stem from the same group of critical muscle complex called the pelvic floor muscle. Fear of embarrassment is also why women don’t seek help and power through their daily pain, discomfort, and deteriorating health.

Whether your issues arise from poor posture, excess weight, pregnancy, age, or another source, Women’s Health Focus Physiotherapy at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy can help.

Our physiotherapist can effectively relieve your pelvic floor issues and help you lead a more wholesome and happier life – everyday.

Getting to Know The Pelvic Floor Muscle

The pelvic floor muscle is a highly strategic muscle complex that runs from the pelvis’s front to the coccyx in its back.

It is usually described as a hammock that holds up the uterus, bladder, and bowels. The pelvic floor muscles also firmly wrap these organs’ passages – the urethra, vagina, and anus. So, a tightening (hypertonic) or loosening (hypotonic) of these muscles can hinder the normal functioning of multiple organs.

And this happens more frequently than people generally believe!

Hypertonic pelvic floor muscles can lead to painful urination, constipation, painful bowel movements, lower back pains, and pain during intercourse or any vaginal stimulation.

Hypotonic pelvic floor muscles become less effective at supporting different organs, which ultimately leads to incontinence, prolapse, difficult pregnancy, and more.

How Women’s Health Focus Physiotherapy at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Help?

Women’s Health Focus Physiotherapy focuses on the pelvic floor region of a woman’s body. Depending on your unique symptoms and a physical assessment by a specialist, a Women’s Health Physiotherapy plan is set in motion.

For hypertonic muscles, the treatment includes massages, myofascial stretches, relaxation techniques, lower back or hip pain management, and more.

For hypotonic muscles, patients are generally recommended muscle re-training, muscle stabilization, muscle stimulation, muscle strengthening, and other specialized exercises

How Experts at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Make it Better?

Experts at Above and Beyond Physio therapy are trained and experienced in assessing a woman’s current condition and creating a comprehensive treatment plan. Our physiotherapy staff is empathetic and mindful of the stigma and embarrassment attached to each condition. They comfort the patient at all times and pace the treatment so that the patient recovers to their healthy self quickly.

There’s Still Time.

Above and Beyond Physiotherapy is Here to Help.