Transport Accident Claim (TAC) Physiotherapy

Recover From Transport Injuries Faster With Subsidized Physiotherapy Treatment

Above and Beyond Physiotherapy is a TAC-approved physiotherapy facility that offers timely, dependable, and proven physiotherapy services. It accelerates your recovery as you heal from a recent transport accident.

Your post-accident recovery phase should not be spent worrying about your finances and health bill payments. Talk to our representative today to schedule your TAC-funded physiotherapy sessions.

How Does TAC-approved Physiotherapy Work?

Traffic Accident Commission (TAC), a Victorian Government-owned organization, funds a subsidized health program that makes physical health services accessible and affordable to patients after a transport accident. A range of health services is supported under the program, some of which require prior approval from TAC.

How to Qualify for TAC-approved Service?

If you were recently involved in a transport accident (less than 90 days) and you have a TAC claim number, then you don’t need TAC approval to avail our TAC-approved physiotherapy services. However, you will need a recommendation from your GP or other health professional for treating the accident injuries.

On the other hand, if it has been more than 90 days since your transport accident, you may have to get a TAC approval beforehand. You can get the TAC approval easily as long as you haven’t availed any TAC-funded treatment or service over the past 6 months.

Availing TAC-approved Service

TAC supports your post-accident recovery in two ways: you can either pay for the service at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, send TAC the bill to receive a rebate, or let TAC pay for the service directly to us.

Most TAC-approved services come with subsidized prices, which may be equal to or higher than TAC-appointed prices. In the case of the latter, the patient may be required to make the gap payment.

Call us to know more about our TAC-approved physiotherapy services and schedule your first appointment.

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