Shockwave Physiotherapy

With Shockwave Therapy,
Say Bye to the Tendon Pain in the Body

Shockwave Physiotherapy targets the tendon pain throughout the body and enables you to reclaim normal function in various parts of the body. This therapy is effective in treating complications like Tennis Elbow, Calcific Tendinopathy, Achilles Tendinopathy, and Planar Fasciitis, among others.

Getting to Know Shockwave Therapy

Tendons are present throughout the body connecting the muscle to the bone. Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, specialist approach that delivers mechanical energy through the skin to the affected tendons of the body. During the treatment, you can hear the sound waves directed at your tendons.

The therapy works on tendon it is in two ways.

Reduction in Pain

The low-energy waves relax the nerve endings. When the nerves do not react to tissue damage, the brain does not receive the pain signal. As a result, you will experience relief from the pain almost immediately.

Increasing Blood Flow

The shockwaves simultaneously work on a controlled microscopic trauma to the tissue, which stimulates blood flow to the affected area and improves tissue metabolism. You are essentially encouraging the body’s natural healing response.

How Shockwave Therapy at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Help?

We recommend Shockwave Therapy to patients who have been treated with strengthening exercises, stretches, and other treatments but are still reeling under pain of challenging tendon issues. In some cases, we use Shockwave Therapy as the first line of approach to specific conditions. The low-energy waves of Shockwave Therapy stimulate blood flow to the affected region, improve healing, and break down any tissue growth or calcification.

The therapy significantly reduces the pain experienced by the patient and assists in pain management. It is certainly instrumental in drastically improving the quality of life of the patient.

How Experts at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Make it Better?

After performing a thorough checkup and reviewing the patient’s history, our physiotherapist will create a tailored Shockwave Therapy schedule for the patient.

Our experienced staff calibrates the Shockwave Therapy sessions depending on the history, present condition, degree of pain, and multiple other variables. The acoustic energy of the waves not only repairs but also regenerates the affected tissue.

Lead a Pain-Free Life.

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