NDIS Physiotherapy Management

Physiotherapy & Disability Management under NDIS

Good physical therapy can completely transform the life of people with disabilities. Experienced and expert physiotherapists at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy can help you create such a life-changing plan of treatment, work with you to achieve your professional and personal goals, and explore life more.

Federal-funded NDIS can be a considerable help in disability management. Above and Beyond Physiotherapy can also assist you to benefit from the scheme to effectively fund your rehabilitation journey.

What is NDIS?

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a government-funded wellness program that offers individuals physical therapy care and continued support. Anyone with a significant or permanent disability is eligible for the program, which allows them to lead a normal life.

The NDIS aims to provide all the necessary support to people with disabilities. If physiotherapy is included in your NDIS plan, you can access that funding to get the necessary therapy. When you have a self-managed plan, you can access registered or unregistered physiotherapists. However, in the case of an Agency-managed plan, your choices are more limited. In any case, if you need to know more, we are a phone call away.

NDIS Physiotherapy Management at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy?

We are a team of Physiotherapist delivering care to patients under NDIS. Our goal is to help every NDIS participant access high-quality physiotherapy care while assisting them in navigating the NDIS system. Our treatment options are tailored to the specific needs of the patient.

At Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, you get assistance for different conditions and a variety of treatment options. We can help you with pain management, rehabilitating after surgery, strength training, advice on mobility, and more. We achieve it by using multiple therapies, comprehensive programs, coaching for self-help, and more.

How Experts at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Make it Better?

The physiotherapy specialists associated with Above and Beyond Physiotherapy understand the challenges and nuances of disability management. They overcome them by developing a program that fulfills the patient’s wellness goals and fits into the NDIS framework.

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