Dry Needling Physio
Dry Needling Physio


Get Rid of the Everyday Pains with Medical Acupuncture from Above and Beyond Physiotherapy

The modern sedentary life has made body pains a way of life. Everyday, people brush off pains in the back, the neck, and the head as a routine. But there is nothing routine about pain. Find relief in the effective Dry Needling treatment from Above and Beyond Physiotherapy.

What is Dry Needling?

Also referred to as Medical Acupuncture, Dry Needling takes inspiration from the well-documented Chinese practice of Acupuncture. Like its Chinese counterpart, it uses fine needles to help with body pain, especially the pain afflicting the neck and the back.

Who Can Administer Dry Needling?

Dry Needling requires precision and complete knowledge of the human physiology and anatomy. It also requires a firm grasp on pathology and the principles of medicine. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that it is administered by an experienced professional. At Above and Beyond Physiotherapy, Dry Needling is performed by highly qualified and trained staff with years of experience behind them.

How Experts At Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Make it Better?

The expert physiotherapists at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy have developed their own combination of techniques to help patients find sustainable and quick relief. Apart from administering Dry Needling, they use electrotherapy, tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, exercises, and more to help patients find relief from their irritating neck and back pains.

Leave the Everyday Pain Behind, Reclaim Life with Above and Beyond Physiotherapy