Clinical Pilates Werribee
Clinical Pilates Werribee


Private Clinical Pilates: One to One

Clinical Pilates has evolved from the traditional Pilates exercise and takes a holistic approach to exercise. It drives the person’s recovery from a sports injury with a strong emphasis on their posture, movement, strength, and core stability. The recovery process takes an inside-out approach, wherein the core muscles and postural muscles are strengthened to bring the body into correct postural alignment. We use everything from floor mats to specialized equipments like reformer, stability chair, and accessories to fine tune the exercise intensity as the body gets stronger and healthier.

  • Improve Strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Tone the muscles and make them leaner and more powerful
  • Improve stamina, durability, and endurance
  • Reduce body aches, especially back pain
  • Aid rehabilitation
  • Improved mind-body coordination and muscle control
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Improved lung capacity and circulation
  • Enhanced body awareness and concentration
  • Prevention of future injuries

Clinical Pilates not only helps the body recover from a sports injury, post-pregnancy, surgery, sciatica, muscle, nerve, joint and disc pain but also improves the body’s performance. It is a holistic rehabilitation approach that’s suitable for kids to adults of all ages. Whether you want a fully toned body, raw core strength, relief from back or body pain, or wish to upgrade your sports performance, Clinical Pilates is the answer.

The highly-experienced instructors with extensive expertise at Above and Beyond Physiotherapy  have a strong reputation for helping countless individuals recover from disastrous sports injuries, deliver unparalleled pre &post-operative rehabilitation and get your body functioning at its best. They will create a tailored Clinical Pilates program that will expedite and ensure your complete recovery.